Intolerance II: The Invasion Box Art

Intolerance II: The Invasion

United Kingdom

7/10 din 1 voturi

Gen: Animatie

Director: Phil Mulloy

Data lansare: 01 Jan 2001


Once upon a time there was a war between earth and the planet Zog. The two vast space fleets took off to do battle but, at the point of contact in deep space, the earth crews were smelling their girlfriend's underpants while the Zog's were distracted watching porn # and so they passed one another. 30 years later the Zog have invaded earth unnoticed. One man, Dwight Hokum, is at an all-night wine tasting when he sees the Zog removing their heads. He sets out to warn the world and kill those he sees who are Zogs # however the world brands him a killer and doesn't believe him. When Dwight finds that even his President is a Zog he has no option but to strike out on his own to save the world.


Durata 15 minute
Limba English
Actori Joel Cutrara


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