Buster Keaton, un génie brisé par Hollywood Box Art

Buster Keaton, un génie brisé par Hollywood


7.5/10 din 2 voturi

Gen: Documentar

Director: Jean-Baptiste Péretié

Data lansare: 07 Feb 2016


In 1926, he was at the peak of his glory and wealth. By 1933, he had reached rock bottom. How, in the space of a few years, did Buster Keaton, the uncontested genius of silent films, go from the status of being a widely-worshipped star to an alcoholic and solitary fallen idol? With a spotlight on the 7 years during which his life changed, using extracts of Keaton’s films as magnifying mirrors, the film recounts the dramatic life of this creative genius and the Hollywood studios. Was it yet another episode of the never-ending struggle to hold onto one’s freedom in the face of financiers?


Durata 52 minute
Producator ARTE Quark Productions
Limba English Français Deutsch
Teme silent cinema buster keaton


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