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Amores Roubados


7.5/10 din 2 voturi

Gen: Drama

Data lansare: 06 Jan 2014


Passion knows no limits. Doomed tells the story of Leandro (Cauã Reymond), a sophisticated sommelier and a real Don Juan. After returning to his native city, he has a romance with Celeste (Dira Paes), who is married to a powerful businessman. Due to his insatiable appetite for women, he also becomes involved with Isabel (Patrícia Pillar), the wife of his boss, Jaime (Murilo Benício). For Leandro, seducing women is just a game until he is taken by surprise upon falling in love with Antônia (Isis Valverde), the couple’s daughter. This young girl makes him question his convictions and together, they are thrown into a thrilling story of desire, jealousy and revenge.


Durata episod 40 minute
Retea Rede Globo
Limba Português
Teme drama romantic drama
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  • Sezonul 1
    Episoade: 10
    Data lansare: 06 Jan 2014



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