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Bionic Six

United States of America

7.2/10 din 6 voturi

Gen: Animatie

Data lansare: 19 Apr 1987


Bionic Six is an American/Japanese animated television series from 1987, produced by TMS Entertainment and distributed by MCA TV. Renowned Japanese animation director Osamu Dezaki was involved as chief supervising director, whose distinctive style is evident throughout. The cartoon originally aired in North American syndication, in later years reappearing on the Sci-Fi Channel. The title characters of the series are a family of machine-enhanced human beings possessing unique powers after being augmented with bionic technology, much like The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman. Each family member is given specific bionic powers, and thus they form a superhero team named Bionic Six.


Durata episod 22 minute
Retea USA Network
Limba English


  • Sezonul 1
    Episoade: 22
    Data lansare: 19 Apr 1987
  • Sezonul 2
    Episoade: 43
    Data lansare: 08 Sep 1987


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