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Teen Wolf

United States of America

7.5/10 din 535 voturi

Gen: Drama Sci-Fi si Fantezie

Data lansare: 05 Jun 2011


Scott McCall, a high school student living in the town of Beacon Hills has his life drastically changed when he's bitten by a werewolf, becoming one himself. He must henceforth learn to balance his problematic new identity with his day-to-day teenage life. The following characters are instrumental to his struggle: Stiles, his best friend; Allison, his love interest who comes from a family of werewolf hunters; and Derek, a mysterious werewolf with a dark past. Throughout the series, he strives to keep his loved ones safe while maintaining normal relationships with them.


Durata episod 43 minute
Retea MTV
Limba English
Teme high school werewolf creature supernatural interspecies romance
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  • Sezonul 0
    Episoade: 12
    Data lansare: 29 Jun 2011
  • Sezonul 1
    Episoade: 12
    Data lansare: 05 Jun 2011
  • Sezonul 2
    Episoade: 12
    Data lansare: 03 Jun 2012
  • Sezonul 3
    Episoade: 24
    Data lansare: 03 Jun 2013
  • Sezonul 4
    Episoade: 12
    Data lansare: 23 Jun 2014
  • Sezonul 5
    Episoade: 20
    Data lansare: 29 Jun 2015
  • Sezonul 6
    Episoade: 20
    Data lansare: 15 Nov 2016



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