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The Ren & Stimpy Show

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Gen: Fantezie Science Fiction Animatie Comedie

Data lansare: 11 Aug 1991


The Ren & Stimpy Show, often simply referred to as Ren & Stimpy, is an American animated television series, created by Canadian animator John Kricfalusi. The show premiered on August 11, 1991, on Nickelodeon as part of its Nicktoons block along with Rugrats and Doug. The series focuses on the titular characters: Ren Höek, an emotionally unstable chihuahua, and Stimpson J. Cat, a good-natured, dimwitted cat. The show ran for five seasons on the network. The show has received critical acclaim and developed a cult following during and after its run, while some critics credit it for leading the way for satirical animated shows like Beavis and Butt-head and South Park, and playing a significant role in television animation. Throughout its run, The Ren & Stimpy Show was controversial for its off-color humor, sexual innuendo, and violence, each of which contributed to the production staff's altercations with Nickelodeon's Standards and Practices department. A spin-off for adult audiences, Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon", aired in 2003 on Spike, but was cancelled soon after its debut.


Durata episod 11 minute
Retea Nickelodeon Spike TV
Producator Nickelodeon Studios Spümcø Games Animation
Limba English
Teme cartoon cat cartoon dog
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  • Sezonul 0
    Episoade: 28
    Data lansare: 10 Jul 2003
  • Sezonul 1
    Episoade: 13
    Data lansare: 11 Aug 1991
  • Sezonul 2
    Episoade: 17
    Data lansare: 15 Aug 1992
  • Sezonul 3
    Episoade: 13
    Data lansare: 20 Nov 1993
  • Sezonul 4
    Episoade: 23
    Data lansare: 01 Oct 1994
  • Sezonul 5
    Episoade: 21
    Data lansare: 05 Sep 1996


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